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Policies & Fees

Policies & Fees

Please read and print this letter.


I charge for the first lesson.

The primary purpose of the initial lesson is for me to assess how well the student and I work together. Whether or not they continue lessons, beginning students learn how the piano keyboard is organized, the music alphabet, the names of the white keys and how to read music. Most students (adults and children) learn how to read three notes and two rhythms their first lesson.

The Audition

If you or your child have previous experience is will ask you questions about common musical symbols and terms. I will ask you to play a few scales and sight read music. Then I will ask you to play music you are currently working on (or the last songs that you played when you stopped taking lessons.)

There is no set length of time for the audition.

I will not make comments about technique or knowledge at the time of the audition. That does not serve a useful purpose.

The initial lesson/audition important for another reason: they let me see how well we work together.


Lessons are held on a weekly basis at my home studio.

Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time. Arriving late means that there will be less time for your lesson since I will not "push back" other students' lesson times.


Life happens. Please contact me prior to the lesson if your child is going to miss a lesson. It may be possible to re-schedule the lesson for another day.

I do not give lessons on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

I encourage students to continue lessons during the summer, however lessons are not required. (Lesson days and times can be changed to accommodate student needs.)


Research has confirmed what every parent knows: children learn through repetition, e.g. practice. I expect that students practice five days a week. How long depends upon the individual student and varies, depending upon family and school activities during the week. I encourage students to record daily practice times.

I suggest setting a fixed time so that lessons become part of the daily routine, much as homework from school. This is especially helpful for students with organizational issues.

Discontinuing Lessons

I reserve the right to discontinue lessons for the following reasons:

  • two NSF checks
  • excessive absences (with or without notification) family vacations/emergencies are the exception
  • disrespectful or inappropriate behavior
  • lack of progress (a result of lack of practice)

I discontinue lessons due to excessive absences and lack of progress (due to poor practice habits). I don't continue lessons for the purpose of enriching myself.


Policies & Fees