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"My son started lessons with Richard at 3 1/2. He was the only teacher I could find that would work with children under 5 years old. Most teachers find it to be too much work, but he does an excellent job. My son absolutely loves the piano lessons and has advanced much quicker than I thought a young child could. Richard bought him custom learning materials and you can tell how passionate he is about music. When we've had to miss our weekly lesson a few different times Richard has always been extremely flexible and accommodating, and allowed us to roll over our payments to the following week. We look forward to working with him for many years to come. Highly recommended."

Carmin C., Seattle, WA

"My nine year old daughter, Abby, loves her Skype piano lessons with Richard! She sees it as fun and challenging, but it is more than just learning to play piano. He is giving her a strong foundation so she can be a lifelong musician. 

Richard's method is very different from a typical piano teacher. The lesson books are his own compositions and he utilizes a variety of digital, online and print resources for sight reading, music history/theory and ear training. Because we don't live in the same city, he uses Skype & Face Time for at home lessons.

From the beginning, he has tailored lessons to meet my daughter's interest & ability. When she gets a concept quickly he moves onto the next so she doesn't get bored. He does a wonderful job keeping her engaged and focused in the learning process. And he is incredibly patient when she expresses frustration, helping her learn how to work through her emotions in a positive way. 

Richard is more than Abby's piano teacher. He is her friend and mentor. "

Erin M., Bellingham, WA

"As an adult returning student I was apprehensive to sit down with a piano teacher after all these years. Richard's kind, gentle wisdom immediately put me at ease, and I have returned to the piano with passion. Richard has evidence based and creative methods for teaching which make learning fun and easy. His humor and devotion to music make lessons with him truly rewarding. I would highly recommend Richard to any adult student returning to lessons again. He's a gem! "

Annemarie S., Seattle, WA

"My daughter Victoria is taking the piano lesson for few months.I'm very impressed with how quickly she has learned to play the piano and sight read music. I would highly recommend Richard Dillon to anyone.Richard is an amazing and very talented pianist and teacher. I very like his teaching method, his lessons are as fun as enjoyable."

Alina S., Shoreline WA

"Richard is my first piano teacher and I may have hit the jackpot in that draw. I have been learning from him for four weeks now and he is an incredibly patient and engaged teacher. But that's not the best part about his teaching style. It is the fact that he adapts his style, which is already unique, to fit the student's strengths and learning pattern. In doing so, he is able to maximize my learning curve and I enjoy my lessons immensely. My experience so far has been incredibly rewarding"

Sumit S., Seattle, WA

"My daughter, Joshepina, has been taking piano lessons since the end of January 2013. I have been amazed at how quickly Josie has learned to play the piano and read music. June 1 she was in her first recital and she did wonderfully and is now trying out at the school's talent show playing a duet with a fellow student with a piece written by Richard.

Josie has been successful with the piano because of Richard's teaching method. He is very encouraging, praising her efforts and always keeping the goal of piano lessons as fun and enjoyable. Richard also challenges Josie,picking pieces of music that interest her but will adjust his teaching when Josie struggles with a concept or musical piece. Richard is dedicated to his students learning the musical concepts and meeting the individual needs of his students. He stresses the importance of the difference of just practicing the piano (going through the motions) and practicing on the musical pieces where the students need it. Richard is always asking questions that have Josie reflecting on her piano playing. What she did well and where she thought she needed to practice more.

I would highly recommend Richard Dillon to anyone, adult or child, who is interested in learning to play the piano, learning to read music or learn about music. He is a talented pianist and is gifted in writing musical pieces. We are very fortunate to have found Richard! Josie loves playing the piano and our family enjoys listening to her."
Kristina L., Shoreline WA

"Alina has had only 8 lessons so far and she can play with both hands and also play beautifully. I was very impressed with Richard on the first day when we came for a free trial lesson. The day before the free lesson I went to his web site and I read what he wrote “Your child will read music notes on the first trial lesson.”

I didn’t believe that will happen but it sure did!! Alina was able to read music notes on the first day of the lesson. I interviewed 4 different piano teachers. Alina liked Richard the best! Alina enjoys her lessons with Richard because Richard is fun and easy to get along with."

Christina L., Shoreline WA

"All three of my children enjoy their weekly lessons with Richard Dillon, and they have all progressed quickly in their piano skills. He has a great balance of being encouraging and also challenging them. I am impressed with how quickly my beginning piano player was able to sight read music in both the treble clef and the base clef. I have seen her become more and more confident in her abilities."
Brandolyn F., Shoreline WA

"Richard is an amazing teacher. My daughter is very shy, insecure and has an autism spectrum disorder. She really wanted to play piano. Fortunately, I found Richards contact info on a web site and saw that he had worked with special needs children. When we came for our first lesson he was so accommodating to her needs. She opened up and began to feel comfortable with him right away. He was so sincere and sweet. He was able to make my daughter feel secure in what she was doing.

By the end of the first lesson she had learned to read C,D, & E on treble clef and C,B, & A on bass clef! After a year of piano at her previous lessons she had never learned to read music. Since starting lessons with Richard a month ago my daughter practices everyday without being asked! He has made learning piano fun and also possible for her to succeed. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a private teacher. Also, his rates are so reasonable:)"
Becky D., Shoreline WA

"My first lesson with Richard went better than I expected. Being completely honest, I was a bit skeptical about Richard's guarantee to be able to read music after my first lesson, but his simple and practical methods really debunked the great mystery of reading sheet music. Richard was willing to tailor our lesson around the type of piano that I wanted to learn how to play and his take home booklet was quite challenging and a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to my next
Chris W., Seattle WA

"We are excited to recommend Richard as a music teacher. He has been teaching both of our daughters who are currently aged nine and eleven. They have progressed well under his instruction.

He is encouraging to them and works hard to find ways to meet their individual needs. With humor and attention to their particular strengths, he gives them a sense of accomplishment with each lesson. He is extremely encouraging and supportive of them as individuals. Our kids love their music teacher!"
Darren and Melissa T. , Kenmore WA

"My childhood lessons with Richard are a source of many fond memories. Not only did he teach me to play the piano, but he also instilled a joy and appreciation for it that has lasted me into my adult life. I know that I was a difficult child, and looking back now, I am immensely grateful for the patience he showed me and the easy and playful manner with which he was able to hold my focus. I would highly recommend him not only as a piano teacher but also as a wonderful person."
Irene R., Shoreline WA

"Richard is a patient, but sometimes strict, teacher who dictates high but eminently achievable standards for his pupils. With him as a guide, my children have taken great strides in their musical education. He is a delight to be with, and the children (and I) greatly enjoy his company."
Owen R., Shoreline WA

"Richard Dillon is currently my 9 year old daughter’s piano teacher. They have had two lessons currently, and I am very impressed with his methods and teaching style. Prior to her lessons, my daughter had no idea what the notes meant when looking at printed music, or what the keys were on the piano. In just two weeks, she knows how to play the C major scale on the piano, and can read four notes in printed music for each hand.

He has written all the music they use for her himself. I can not believe how quickly she is progressing with her lessons. Richard also is very patient with her and helpful when she gets stuck. I am very happy to have Richard as her teacher. "
Leah S., Shoreline WA